CNN panel on Michael Brown goes off the rails after filmmaker accuses ex-cop of 'white supremacy'
Harry Houck and Jason Pollock debate on CNN (Screen cap).

A CNN panel about new security camera footage of slain black teenager of Michael Brown went completely off the rails after documentary filmmaker Jason Pollock angrily accused a fellow panelist of endorsing white supremacy.

At issue was footage released by Pollock that showed Brown going into a local convenience store that law enforcement officials alleged he had robbed just before being fatally shot by Ferguson police.

The footage shows Brown entering the convenience store and exchanging something with an employee of the store.

Pollock believes that this was a transaction for drugs, which he says later led to an altercation between Brown and a store employee that police claimed was evidence that he was robbing the store.

Former NYPD detective Harry Houck took issue with Pollock's claims, and said that Pollock's sole goal with his work was to smear the reputations of police officers.

"All you talk about on your Twitter site is how Michael Brown is innocent and the police officer who killed Tamir Rice was a murderer!" Houck shouted. "That's what you're all about. You have no evidence of anything, and that robbery still occurred."

Pollock then told Houck to "continue your white supremacy on the air."

"So I'm a white supremacist now!" Houck shot back sarcastically.

Host Chris Cuomo tried to regain control of the conversation by informing Pollock that "you don't have to be a white supremacist to ask questions."

Watch the full segment below.