CNN refuses to show Trump signing travel ban because 'big boy' won't let reporters attend
John King (CNN/screen grab)

CNN on Monday refused to show images of President Donald Trump signing his latest executive order that targets Muslim travelers.

Weeks after a federal judge blocked Trump's executive order banning travel from seven majority-Muslim countries, Trump on Monday issued a scaled down order that exempts green card holders, people with existing visas and travelers from Iraq.

But CNN refused to broadcast images of the president signing the order because he banned the media from the event amid ongoing questions about Russian involvement in the U.S. election and a controversy over whether Trump lied when he recently claimed that former President Barack Obama was monitoring his phone calls in Trump Tower.

"This is a president who loves to sign executive orders," CNN White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny explained on Monday. "He holds them up, he has news conferences around them [but this executive order] was signed in secret this morning."

"No questions [from the media]," CNN host John King pointed out. "We won't show you the picture of the president signing the executive order that's incredibly important to his administration, it's a very important policy debate in our country -- we will not show you the picture because we have a policy that you cannot have canned press release pictures from a White House."

"You have to let the reporters in," he added. "The president is a big boy. He doesn't have to answer questions if they're shouted at him, but they wouldn't let anyone in because of the other issue... that is the president saying he believes his predecessor someone wire tapped him during last year's campaign."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast March 6, 2017.