CNN’s Chris Cuomo nails Trump’s wiretap claims: This is like the fire chief pulling the fire alarm
CNN host Chris Cuomo (screen grab)

A group of CNN panelists tried to wrap their heads around the claims made by President Donald Trump over the weekend in a series of tweets.

Co-hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota tried to steer the conversation toward facts that could be proven, rather than speculate about the president's motives for accusing his predecessor, Barack Obama, of illegally wiretapping his presidential campaign.

"This was a couple of coins into the conspiracy meter," Cuomo said. "Joe Scarborough, (host of MSNBC's 'Morning Joe') who is an on-and-off friend with him, called the president of the United States crazy, essentially, so I think that speculation gets us nowhere, getting into his motives and all that."

CNN political analyst David Gregory said no proof had been turned up in reporting over the weekend, and he said the White House had asked Congress to find proof to back the president's wild claims.

"This is like somebody in high school walking down and pulling the fire alarm and getting everybody scurrying, and that's the major story is that fire alarm set in in school," Gregory said.

Cuomo amended Gregory's analogy to better describe the dynamic of the sitting president baselessly accusing his predecessor of a serious crime.

"In this case, in your analogy, it would be the fire chief pulled the lever, because all he has to do is call the FBI (and ask)," Cuomo said.

Jackie Kucinich, a CNN contributor and Washington bureau chief of The Daily Beast, said the president could easily find out whether federal investigators had tapped his phones -- lawfully or not.

"He has access to so much information from so many different areas, and yet he chooses to trifle in conspiracy theories," Kucinish said.