Cuomo nails Trump for 'benefiting from a low bar': GOP is hoping he doesn't give them a heart attack
Chris Cuomo (CNN)

CNN's Chris Cuomo made a passing comment on Wednesday morning's "New Day" calling out the bigotry of low expectations for President Donald Trump's joint address to Congress.

"He is benefitting from a low bar," Cuomo said. "For many when they listen to him speak they hope it doesn't give him a heart attack about something that's going to happen. Still, he probably impressed anybody that's listening in terms of coming across better than expected."

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He continued explaining that Trump has three major challenges. First, how he deals with his own party. Second, how he pays for all of the promises he made. Third, is trying to understand how he'll compromise with Democrats on immigration.

David Gregory agreed, saying that Trump has not given people someone to follow thus far, but his attempt last night was the first time he has.

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