Ex-CIA director: World is wondering 'what the hell is going on' with Trump's wiretapping tweets
Ex-CIA director Leon Panetta -- CNN

Appearing on CNN, former CIA director Leon Panetta said Donald Trump's tweeting -- including accusations that former President Barack Obama had his Trump Tower offices tapped -- is causing other countries to wonder "what the hell is going on," in the U.S.

Speaking with host Wolf Blitzer, Panetta who also served as Defense Secretary, said Trump needs to realize that he's not a reality TV star anymore, and that he won the election and he's the president.

"You know, I think President Trump has to understand he is now president of the United States, that he won the election in last November and he became president of the greatest country on Earth," Panetta explained. "He's not the head of 'The Apprentice' how, he's not a TV personality. He doesn't have, you know, the convenience of basically saying whatever he wants to the American people and to the world without substantiating that there is any kind of truth to what he's saying."

"He can't do that as president of the United States without damaging the office of the presidency and without damaging our country," he continued. "So, look, presidents of the United States have a staff. They're supposed to have people around them who are able to determine what the truth is and a president who is responsible will take the time to ask that staff and the people who are working for him 'what is the truth and what can I say?'"

“Everybody is asking––what the hell is going on in Washington D.C. right now?” an exasperated Panetta added.

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