'He is a threat': Dan Rather warns Americans of Trump's 'power to decimate and destroy'
Dan Rather via Facebook

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather on Tuesday issued a warning to citizens intent on stopping or slowing Donald Trump’s agenda: “Nobody said it was going to be easy.”

“The power to decimate and destroy is a lot easier than the energy it takes to build,” Rather wrote in a Facebook post. “That is the early lesson of the Trump Presidency.”

Rather reference a post he wrote last week, calling Trump’s infant presidency “possibly the worst of any president in American history,” insisting he “[stands] by that post.” But, he argued, "it is worth noting that President Trump has had what he and some of his most avid supporters call ‘successes.’”

“Mr. Trump is putting his mark on the very workings of our democracy,” Rather acknowledged.

The famed journalist listed while “his leadership has been chaotic and his poll numbers … have been slipping” and the failure of Trumpcare “has earned him the title of ‘Loser,’” Trump “is using the power of the Presidency to enact the most dramatic elimination of government regulations since the Reagan years.”

“This is a threat to how Democrats and Republican—and the country as a whole—have traditionally seen government especially on foreign policy,” Rather said. He also argued “it’s a reminder of how much diligence, hard work and organizing it is going to take to stop or even slow him.”

“Nobody said it was going to be easy, and nobody is right,” Rather wrote.

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