Her silence is ‘deafening’: Planned Parenthood CEO slams Ivanka for not standing up for women's health
Ivanka Trump (Photo: Albert H. Teich / Shutterstock)

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards spoke with BuzzFeed News Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith on Friday morning about the GOP's Obamacare replacement plan, and particularly noted how many "women will lose their lives over this bill."

Richards called the bill the "most anti-woman bill that I have ever seen." She also commented on Ivanka Trump's silence on the bill up to this point. The bill does not require insurance provisions for services like prenatal and maternity care, which Trump pushed during her father's campaign.

Ivanka was the face of and played an influential role in then-President-elect Donald Trump's child care policy and push to guarantee six weeks of maternity leave, but she has been silent on the Republican health care bill.

"Many senators from both parties are really disturbed by what they're seeing in terms of taking away basic access to health care, making more people uninsured, and definitely taking away things like maternity benefits for women," Richards said. She added that Ivanka's silence on this bill in particular is "deafening."

Richards called out the young Trump, telling BuzzFeed, "It's time for Ivanka to ... stand for women."

She further explained, "Any woman who votes for this bill is betraying every woman in America."

But Richards is ready for the fight that comes with it, as Republicans have made repeated calls to defund Planned Parenthood. "We'll go to court if we have to ... the court of public opinion is absolutely on our side here," she said.

You can watch her full remarks with BuzzFeed below.