'He's a liar!' The View slams Jeff Sessions for providing false testimony about Russian contacts
Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar (Screengrab)

The View hosts on Thursday eviscerated Jeff Sessions for providing false and misleading information about his contact with Russian officials during the 2016 election, calling the Attorney General a liar

Most of the co-hosts—including conservative Jededidah Bila—said it was imperative that Sessions resign, while Sunny Hostin argued he didn’t technically perjure himself because he was acting in his capacity as a senator and wasn’t an official member of Trump’s campaign (a claim Hostin later clarified, as Sessions signed on as a policy adviser for Trump in early 2016).

“Doesn’t it look shady if you did have communication in another capacity and you chose not to convey that information?”

“It looks very shady,” Hostin agreed.

Noting former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn also lied about his contact with Russians, Joy Behar asked, “Why are they lying when they don’t have to?”

“What do you think?” Behar continued. “To protect the president—to protect Trump.”

Hostin argued that while it’s important to have an independent investigation, requiring Sessions to resign is the “nuclear option,” adding “should he be a part of any investigation revolving around Russia given this new information? Of course not.”

“But if he’s a liar, he shouldn’t be in that position!” Behar exclaimed. “He is the Attorney General, he’s going to have to try people who lie!”

Watch the full video below, via ABC: