‘I’m honest you’re not’: Sean Hannity demands Ted Koppel prove he puts ‘ideology ahead of facts’
Ted Koppel and Sean Hannity (Composite / RawStory)

Sean Hannity on Monday attempted to defend himself against famed journalist Ted Koppel, who on Sunday told the Fox News reporter—to his face—that he thinks he’s bad for America.

Discussing the interview on his radio show “The Sean Hannity Show,” Hannity insisted he “liked watching Ted” when Koppel was the host of ABC’s “Nightline,” before launching into an attack on the respected reporter.

“I'm an opinionated journalist and a talk show host,” Hannity began. “But the difference, Ted respectfully, is I'm honest with my audience, you're not. You pretend to be fair and balanced, I don't. And if you really cared about truth in journalism how do you work for a network that's so abusively biased with the history it has?"

Hannity continued his defense, asking, “How can I be bad for America when I offer the American people news and information your network will never touch because you have an agenda?”

“If you're going to suggest I'm lying to people and I'm putting ideology ahead of facts, I want your examples,” Hannity added.

Listen to the audio below, via Media Matters for America.