Joe Scarborough slams 'sexist' criticisms of Mika Brzezinski -- after years of sexist comments
"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough flexes his muscles (Photo: Screen capture)

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough has been accused of sexism multiple times throughout the course of the show. Yet, Wednesday morning, Scarborough slammed criticisms of Mika Brzezinski as "sexist."

As women celebrate International Women's Day, Scarborough brought up the Fox News show "Outnumbered."

“Where all these people with long legs and short skirts talk about how people feel about the news,” Brzezinski said.

“They had, like, 30 women or something and, like, one guy in the middle,” Scarborough explained.

"Heh, uh-oh!" panelist Mike Barnicle said.

"It was poor Eric Bolling and he was wonderful,” Scarborough said.

A segment on "Outnumbered" mocked Brzezinski for her commentary earlier this week in which she passionately said "we're all really nervous" about President Donald Trump. The panel called her "emotional" while other outlets described her inaccurately as "tearful."

“People said she was crying and tearing up just because she was upset. Nothing sexist there,” Scarborough said sarcastically.

“When Joe amps up and speaks to camera and is really, really forceful, he’s strong,” said Brzezinski. “I’m emotional.”

Scarborough literally flexed his muscles, mocking the commentary.

On a 2009 episode of "The View," Brzezinski admitted that her co-host and, specifically, Barnicle can be sexist. "You can't take it too seriously," she told the panel of women. She went on to say she "doesn't get frustrated that much."

Then-co-host Sherri Shepherd said that she's often the only woman on a panel and "sometimes they say things that are so sexist."

Brzezinski said that she calls Barnicle "my misogynist," but admires Scarborough because, "one of his key messages is to raise the bar."

In a 2007 radio conversation about 2008 presidential candidates, Scarborough asked, "Have you seen Fred Thompson's wife? You think she works the pole?" There are many more examples.

Watch the full clip of this morning's "Morning Joe" below: