John Oliver: Best part of International Women's Day is men 'tripping over their d*cks' talking about it
John Oliver (HBO)

This week on "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver took a moment to celebrate International Women's Day, which was observed on Wednesday, March 8.

"Every year, the best way of gaging not just how far women have come, but perhaps how far they still have to go, is by watching powerful men around the world trip over their d*cks talking about the day," he said.

He then played clips of leaders like Vladimir Putin, Brazilian Pres. Michel Temer and one of a Texas morning show host who told women they "can do whatever [they] want" on International Women's Day, then segued straight into a segment about "getting that bikini body" in time for spring.

"It's your day!" enthused Oliver, "but keep it tight."

Watch the video, embedded below: