'Junk this cruel bill': Elizabeth Warren unloads on Trumpcare in epic tweetstorm
(Photo: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), like a lot of other lawmakers, does not seem to be a fan of the House Republicans' proposed Obamacare replacement program.

Warren took to Twitter on Thursday to tear apart the GOP's plan, which early estimates project would throw millions of people off their health insurance.

Warren started off by noting that multiple groups from across the health care industry have already come out in opposition to the bill, including those representing doctors, hospitals and patients.

She then went into some details about why passing "Trumpcare" would be a disaster for people in the United States by noting that the bill "destroys care and affordable coverage for millions."

Warren concluded by saying that this "cruel bill" must be opposed by progressives -- and should be tossed in the "junk."

Trumpcare faces a very steep climb both in the House, where conservatives have complained that it's essentially "Obamacare Lite," and in the Senate, where many swing-state Republicans have openly worried about the effects of cutting Medicaid on poor people in their states.

Members of the Democratic Party have also signaled uniform opposition to the legislation so far, similar to the uniform opposition that Republicans had for the Affordable Care Act when it was passed in 2010.