Keith Olbermann predicts GOP will turn on Trump: ‘Republicans will force him into the straitjacket’
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

GQ correspondent Keith Olbermann on Tuesday offered a hypotheses on how the Donald Trump-Russia investigation will end, noting that last Friday’s failure by the GOP to pass healthcare legislation prove the president lacks the support of his own party.

“What is nominally his own party backed away from Trump at the first sign of stress,” Olbermann noted on the latest installment of “The Resistance.”

“With nothing to stop them but their own disunity, the Republicans opted immediately for disunity,” he added.

Arguing that Richard Nixon was not forced out of office by Democrats, but instead “as the 1974 midterms loomed and Republicans … presumably calculated that Nixon staying meant Republicans up for reelection in three months … would be going.”

“You think these Republicans are going to defend Donald Trump?” Olbermann asked, adding “there is no Republican loyalty to Trump now.”

Olbermann said once it becomes clear that Trump’s “insanity” can no longer be overlooked, it will be “Republicans who force him into the straight jacket.”

“it will be the Republicans who impeach him,” he added.

Watch the video below, via Twitter @KeithOlbermann: