When Trump University agreed to fork over $25 million to settle a fraud lawsuit last December, President Donald Trump probably though he'd put the matter to bed permanently.

However, as Politico reports, Trump could soon find himself dealing with several more Trump University fraud lawsuits -- and it's all thanks to Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the judge whom Trump had disparaged for being a "Mexican" last year.

Curiel is set to rule on Thursday whether former Trump University students will be allowed to press individual fraud suits against Trump that fall outside last year's $25 million settlement.

Specifically, Politico notes that Curiel will determine whether the $25 million settlement "is fair to thousands of people who paid anywhere from about $1,500 for a three-day seminar up to about $35,000 for the 'gold elite' mentorship."

Although Trump had vowed to never settle the case while he was on the campaign trail last year, he quickly moved to settle it once he won the election in November. Trump has continuously denied that Trump University defrauded any students, and he said that the only reason the case was moving forward was due to Judge Curiel being biased against him due to his "Mexican" heritage.