MSNBC host needs just 12 seconds to crush Republican upset about men paying for prenatal care
MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle (Screenshot)

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle on Friday sarcastically educated a Republican who thinks men shouldn't have to pay for prenatal care.

The MSNBC host noted that Congressman John Shimkus (R-IL) on Thursday complained that health insurance required men to pay for prenatal care coverage through Obamacare.

"If you look at any insurance product, everyone pays in because there's a risk that a small number of people are going to have a claim," economist Austan Goolsbee explained. "So, there's a subsidy, if you want to call it that, from people who don't get in car accidents to people who do get in car accidents. That's the nature of insurance."

"Everyone is born, I think we can agree on that," Goolsbee continued. "The prenatal care is good for society, that we are covering prenatal care, that women can have babies in a healthy way, and to object that men shouldn't have to pay for things that are women's problems, young people shouldn't pay in for things that are old people's problems. Hopefully all the young people will be old people, eventually. As I say, that's how insurance markets work. I don't understand this objection."

But Ruhle cut to the chase.

"Austin is talking insurance markets. Congressman Shimkus, if you are watching, unlike Tom Price, I'm not a doctor. But I will talk science for a moment: Though it is women who need that prenatal care, men are involved in the process that requires them to need prenatal care, FYI," she said with a wink.

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