Notorious Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke gets a new election challenge from Major League Baseball VP
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke David Clarke appears on Fox Business News on Sept. 21, 2016. (Media Matters)

Notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio might be gone, but Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has taken up many of his causes. Now, Clarke is getting a challenger for his 2018 election from Major League Baseball vice president and former Milwaukee Police Capt. Earnell Lucas.

"Earnell hasn't announced, but he's decided to get into this race," political strategist Sachin Chheda told The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal Tuesday. "Earnell is in the process of getting organized."

Chheda went on to call Lucas "a dignified man with gravitas, as opposed to what we have now."

The sheriff rose to fame as an African-American sheriff that came out heavily against the Black Lives Matter movement and spoke out against activists on Fox News. The Journal-Sentinal said that Clarke has been pressured to run against popular U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) but has not announced any intentions. However, Clarke has profited substantially over the years in speaking fees.

Despite the fame from the right-wing, his polling has dropped consistently over the years, with an approval rating of a mere 31 percent in his county and only a 13 percent from Democratic voters.

Clarke has not declared whether he intends to run for a fifth full term and didn't comment on Lucas' intentions.