Officers coerced women into sexual acts in exchange for child custody, erasing arrest records
(Bexar County)

Three women testified in court that two former San Antonio police officers had coerced them into having sex in 2015, the San Antonio Current reported. The trial began this past Tuesday and the former officers Alejandro Chapa and Emmanuel Galindo are facing charges of compelling prostitution.

The women who testified alleged that the officers hired them as part of an SAPD undercover team and they had to act as if they were their girlfriends, noting that the women would have to first pass a series of tests to get the job. The job would allegedly pay $5,000 a day.

According to their testimonies, the women were promised various favors in exchange. One said the officers promised to erase a DWI arrest record, and another who was trying to win custody of her younger sister was promised the help of Child Protective Services.

The officers' "tests" included taking shots of alcohol every 20 minutes and dancing for Galindo, who told one woman that the more extreme sexual acts she engaged in, the more likely she would be to get the job.

"He told me, 'If you want to get paid the most money over the shortest amount of time, you should have sex," she alleged in court. She added that she was desperate to help her sister. "My mom was threatening to take my sister away. I'd do anything to keep her. This job sounded too good to be true."