Olbermann shreds 'Conspiracy-Theory-Peddler-In-Chief' Trump for 'slandering' Obama
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann on Tuesday railed into Donald Trump’s latest conspiracy theory regarding unfounded claim Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election, arguing the only thing that will stop the president’s “desperate and manufactured slander” of his predecessor is “removal from office.”

“We no longer have a President of the United States,” Olbermann lamented, arguing what we have instead is a “Conspiracy-Theory-Peddler-In-Chief.”

“There are positives underlying this insanity,” Olbermann said. “Few but potent. Such a damaged personality cannot discern that while every new falsehood may bind to him more tightly those who already trust him, that they also inevitably drive more people away.”

Olbermann argued the president’s baseless accusation “does not decrease … only increases the chances that the investigations” into Russian influence in the 2016 election “will be about” Trump.

The GQ special correspondent went on to describe the “pile of excrement, of radioactive waste” Trump currently sits atop, insisting the “active crisis of fantasy-based reality in a president is obvious.”

Olbermann explained that baseless conspiracy theories, like the one Trump levied against former President Obama, are now investigated “just because he said it,” while his “flunkies” at Breitbart, Fox News and elsewhere further propel Trump’s “desperate and manufactured slander” against a former president.

“This is the immediate danger: the active crisis of fantasy-based reality into which Donald Trump has pushed this nation with his peddling of the ludicrous,” Olbermann said, listing off the multitude of conspiracy theories the president has peddled since even before he ran for office.

“Nothing would stop him” from pushing these claims, Olbermann argued, “except removal from office.”

Watch the full video below, via @KeithOlbermann on Twitter.