Olbermann shreds hope of Trump becoming presidential: He only wants to 'make his ego great again’
Keith Olbermann (GQ)

In his new Resistance segment, Keith Olbermann pointed to President Donald Trump's "amazing" address to Congress just last Tuesday, noting "That speech has not aged well." Olbermann slammed Trump's speech as all talk, essentially, noting how the president condemned the bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers while suggesting they could be "false flags" earlier that day, and condemning hate, while signing a new Muslim travel ban a week after his speech.

Olbermann took the opportunity to point out all of the hypocrisies of Trump's address. For instance, Trump said the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone Pipeline would be built using American steel, but just two days later it was announced that the Keystone Pipeline won't use American steel.

He even called out the pundits, who he said "fell all over each other to praise Trump" over his remarks about fallen US Navy Seal William "Ryan" Owens. He quoted Van Jones' praise of Trump stating, "until that point [he was] a liberal."

"Time for small thinking is over. The man is not going to change. The man is not going to improve," said Olbermann. "The man is not going to become presidential. The man is not going to devote himself to anything except his own extraordinary, irrational ... eternal need to keep Trump first, and to make his ego great again."