Rep. Ted Lieu shreds 'illegitimate' Jeff Sessions over threat to cut funds for sanctuary cities
AG Jeff Sessions and Rep. Ted Lieu, D-CA (Composite image)

California Congressman Ted Lieu (D) went after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Twitter on Monday afternoon, reminding everyone of Sessions' lies during his Senate confirmation hearings.

Lieu went into attack mode on Monday after Sessions threatened to go after sanctuary cities during the daily White House press briefing. He said the Justice Department would deny funding to cities unless they prove they aren't serving as immigrant sanctuaries.

"Dear States: I'm thinking that since it's OK for AG Sessions to lie under oath to Congress, then it's OK for you to lie to him on your forms," Lieu wrote in a tweet.

Lieu was referring to Sessions' claims that he didn't know whether Trump campaign members had met with Russian officials. Sessions himself used campaign money for his trip to the RNC where he met with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in an official capacity.

The California Congressman followed up in another tweet, writing, "Let's be clear: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is an illegitimate AG. He lied under oath to Congress to get confirmed. He should be indicted."

Over the weekend, Lieu went after President Donald Trump after Trump said he was going to sit back and watch as Obamacare "explodes." "You truly are an evil man," Lieu wrote, referring to Trump as the "President."