Sean Spicer bashes the media for rushing to judgment when asked about white supremacist murderer
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer (Screen cap).

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer got frustrated when asked about a white supremacist who went to New York with the intent of murdering black people, as he said the media should also take some blame for falsely accusing conservatives in the past of committing hate crimes.

When asked by a reporter for an official White House comment on white supremacist James Jackson fatally stabbing a 66-year-old black man to death, Spicer responded by saying that he didn't want to discuss any "specific case" that might come before the Department of Justice at the moment.

After this, he explained that President Donald Trump "has recognized that we need to bring the country together," and noted that the president pointedly condemned hate crimes during his address to Congress last month.

After this, however, Spicer pivoted toward chiding people on the left for rushing to judgement in cases such as the recent bomb threats made to Jewish Community Centers, as two of the alleged perpetrators in those cases turned out to be a black left-wing journalist and an Israeli teen.

"I do think there has been a rush to judgement in a lot of other cases, in particular when it comes to some of the anti-Semitic discussion," Spicer said. "People have jumped to the conclusion about denouncing people on the right, and in that particular case, we saw that the president was right, and that this rush to judgement by a lot of folks on the left was wrong, and none of them have been held to account on that. And that is something that equally needs to be called out."

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