'The most optimistic guy in the Donner party': Colbert ridicules Ryan's glee at millions losing health insurance
CBS host Stephen Colbert -- screengrab

Late Show host Stephen Colbert was both stunned and amused at House Speaker Paul Ryan's gleeful response to a CBO report stating up to 24 million Americans would lose their health insurance under his replacement for Obamacare.

First describing Ryan as the "most optimistic man in D.C.," Colbert went a big step farther.

Addressing the scathing CBO numbers, Colbert said, "One person who likes these numbers is the architect of the plan."

Showing a clip of Ryan's laughing response on Fox News saying the report "exceeded my expectation," Colbert hammered the House Speaker.

"Really? 24 million people losing their healthcare 'exceeded you expectations?'" Colbert sarcastically asked. "You sound like the most optimistic guy in the Donner party."

"'Oh, everything is great, I expected to eat my grandma miles ago, now excuse me I've got to go salt my cousin,'" he mocked.

Watch the video below via CBS on Twitter: