'The pope's wrong': Creationist Ken Ham rails against Francis over science and atheism
Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham appears in a YouTube video (Screenshot)

Creationist Ken Ham on Wednesday went on a tirade against Pope Francis, whom he accused of not believing the Bible as literal truth.

Ham's rant was sparked by reading an article in the Independent that compiled some of Francis's most notable quotes. Among other things, Ham objected to the pope's declaration that evolution really happened, that atheists can be good people, and that the "Big Bang" theory "does not contradict the intervention of the divine creator."

Despite the fact that the pope has an encyclopedic knowledge of Scripture, Ham said that these kinds of statements show he's not properly interpreting them as the literal word of God.

"If Pope said 'Big Bang is real' -- then Pope's wrong," Ham wrote. "Bible states earth came before sun -- not other way round... Doesn't matter who it is, the Pope or any other human being-all statements need to be judged against God's Word."

Ham objected to the pope's belief that atheists can be "good people" on the grounds that the "Bible says there's only one 'good' and that's God."

Read the whole tweet storm below.