'The president is a lying gossip-monger’: Keith Olbermann slams ‘lunatic’ Trump's Obama-wiretap claim
Keith Olbermann (Facebook)

GQ Special Correspondent Keith Olbermann on Monday tore into Donald Trump over his unsubstantiated claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign, arguing that the president is trying to distract from his “regime’s treachery” with the Russian government.

“The putative president of the United States is not only being investigated for illicit contact … with representatives of a hostile nation, but the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation reportedly asked the Department of Justice to essentially let him call the president a lying gossip-monger,” Olbermann said, referring to reports that FBI director James Comey was “incredulous” over Trumps Saturday morning tweet storm.

“Trump’s madness and his weekend of channeling his persecution complex and disseminating it as a deflection from his own perfidy is the obvious headline,” Olbermann said, adding the “true story” are the moving parts of his “regime’s treachery with Russia.”

“Stuff like this is what Nixon’s White House tried to do with the FBI and CIA throughout Watergate,” Olbermann said of the Trump administration’s attempts to interfere with investigations into the campaign’s potential ties to Russia.

Olbermann also noted that Trump adviser Roger Stone this weekend “confessed, indeed publicly boasted” about knowing in advance that WikiLeaks hacked and was planning to distribute email from the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign.

Olbermann said the most “generous” reading of this “damning circumstantial evidence” is that a “key Trump adviser looked the other way” when informed that a hostile nation was planning to share information in an effort to hard the Clinton campaign.

The GQ correspondent continued with the litany of damning headlines coming from the Trump-Russia connection, before nailing those enabling the president.

“All you gutless Republicans will take the fall when for enabling the treason involving Russia to remain unraveled and this lunatic Trump to remain unimpeached,” Olbermann said.

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