'They can't govern': Fox host roasts GOP over Trumpcare 'disgrace'
Fox Business host Stuart Varney slams the GOP over Trumpcare (Screen cap).

The Republican Party has been getting raked over the coal this week over Trumpcare -- and even friendly media outlets such as Fox Business are jumping into the fray.

Mediaite notes that, during a Friday segment, Fox Business host Stuart Varney tore into Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and other members of the House Freedom Caucus for not being willing to simply pass the House Republicans' proposed health care bill.

Varney then turned to guest Juan Williams and invited him to take shots at the Republican Party, despite the fact that Varney is normally someone who defends the GOP's actions.

"At this moment in time, the Republican Party is a disgrace," he said. "We elected the Republicans to run the House, the Senate and the White House and the very, very first thing that comes up on the legislative agenda they vote no, they’re split. They can’t do it. They can’t govern."

Williams, however, defended Republicans who are at least reluctant to vote for the proposed health care overhaul, on the grounds that it's "not a good bill." He also said that the driving force now for Republicans to pass the legislation was "saving face," despite the fact that they had not "replaced Obamacare with a better bill."

Watch the full segment below.