Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly threatened to walk out of a meeting with Muslim Americans after one person at the meeting asked him questions about racial profiling.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Kelly attended a meeting at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Mich. this week, where he listened to the concerns of several members of the local Muslim-American community.

Nabih Ayad, an attorney who founded the Dearborn-based Arab American Civil Rights League, says that Kelly seemed to take great offense when he asked him about whether the president's executive orders and new DHS protocols were discriminatory against Muslims. In particular, the Free Press reports that Ayad asked Kelly "to create a record of who gets stopped for questioning at ports of entry so there can be data to see if there is disproportionate targeting of Arabs and Muslims."

However, this caused Kelly to stand up and threaten to leave the meeting.

"He stood up and walked away almost," Ayad told the Free Press. "He said, I'm leaving unless you decide to stop your questions and have someone else ask a question. ... He actually got out his seat."

A DHS spokesman confirmed the exchange to the Free Press and said Kelly was offended by insinuations that his department might be discriminating against Muslims.

"One participant in a meeting with leaders of the Arab American community incessantly pressed the Secretary, incorrectly alleging that DHS officials engage in targeting and racial profiling of Arabs and religious profiling of Muslims," the spokesman explained.