WATCH: CNN panel incredulous as Anderson Cooper grills tap-dancing Trump supporter Jack Kingston
Anderson Cooper and Jack Kingston (Photo: screen capture)

The CNN panel on "AC360" Thursday was very suspicious of former Donald Trump surrogate Jack Kingston, who has also been to Russia.

Kingston claimed that some crime had to be committed by "unmasking" Gen. Mike Flynn, but the legal experts on the panel disagreed. New York Magazine writer Ryan Lizza noted that Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes himself said that there was no evidence of a crime when it came to the information gathered about Flynn.

Kingston brought up a right-wing talking point being proposed by Trump surrogates about Evelyn Farkas, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia.

"What does that have to do with anything," legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin asked at one point.

Host Anderson Cooper was not as kind. "Do you all get your marching orders at the same time? Because all of the sudden you're all talking about the same thing," he wondered.

CNN's Gloria Borger asked how both Trump and press secretary Sean Spicer could warn of similar things that then happened and it not be a coincidence. "What was the president talking about? What did he know?"

"Now that's two people from the White House," Cooper said. "One of them, the president, the other the spokesperson telegraphing, 'something about to come,' and lo and behold it comes. It comes not from Devin Nunes but from the White House itself through Devin Nunes."

"Jack you're the one who should be mad here," Lizza joked. "You're the one on TV being forced to defend the administration. You should be pretty mad they've made your job so difficult."

The panel managed to turn on Kingston even more.

"Were you set up for this or were you a part of it?" Borger asked Kingston about Nunes. "I'm a former English major, I know about foreshadowing."

Kingston tried to claim that there is no collusion going on between Nunes and the White House because they are not "organized enough to have such orchestration."

That word seemed to set Cooper off. "If you're calling this orchestration -- God help us all," he said.

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