WATCH: Scarlett Johansson’s talking dog turns out to be a Trump-spouting 'monster' on SNL
Max the Pug, Scarlett Johansson --SNL screen grab

In a brilliant SNL sketch where scientists are trying to find out what their pets are thinking, guest host Scarlett Johansson discovered to her horror that her dog Max is a Trump-spouting "monster."

Johansson, as Helen heading up the $17 million project, explains that her device will "scan the household pet's mind to translate his thoughts into words.

Using her own dog, Max the Pug then tells the assembled researchers and investors, "I like park, and leash, and I like Trump. He's my man."

Expressing concern there is a translation error, Max corrects Helen explaining, "There's no glitch. Donald Trump is our president. He carried the Electoral College fair and square. I know Trump has issues, but one big change is better than business as usual. The Dow is up 2700 points since he was elected, what's not to like?"

"Your dog is a monster," a horrified researcher exclaims as one of the investors in the project interjects, "All right, stand back. I'm gonna shoot him with the gun I carry.

Watch the video below via NBC: