WATCH: Trump backer's bizarre defense of president's wiretapping conspiracy leaves CNN panel baffled
CNN's Kate Bolduan talks with Paul Begala and Trump supporter Amy Kremer (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump's claim that former President Barack Obama had "illegally" wiretapped him during the 2016 presidential campaign continued to dominate the discussion on CNN Monday.

In a panel hosted by CNN's Kate Bolduan, Women Vote Trump co-chair Amy Kremer did her best to back up the president's claims that Obama had broken the law by tapping his phone lines at Trump Tower -- but just like every other Trump surrogate interviewed so far, she offered no proof whatsoever to support her position.

When asked by Bolduan why the president doesn't just declassify any FISA warrants that were issued to monitor him under President Obama, Kremer broke off into a non-sequitur about Trump doing things on his own schedule.

"One thing we've seen is Donald Trump operates on Donald Trump time," said Kremer. "And he doesn't necessarily go to the media, he'll go around the media through Twitter or whatever. I'm sure when he's ready to put that out there, we will hear from it."

Earlier in the segment, Democratic strategist Paul Begala noted that President Trump has regularly engaged in baseless conspiracy theories about his political rivals, including conspiracies about President Obama's birth certificate, Sen. Ted Cruz's father being involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, and three million "illegal" voters that supposedly cost him the popular vote win against Hillary Clinton.

"He's subscribed to every batty conspiracy theory," Begala said, while dismissing the president's latest ramblings as completely fact free.

Watch the whole segment below.