WATCH: Trump supporter okay with Russian collusion because the 'liberal' media wouldn't take down Clinton
Miranda Seymour

Donald Trump supporters on Monday admitted they are unconcerned about the FBI investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, with one supporter insisting if the “liberal” media won’t reveal the truth, we should “let Russia do it for us.”

Matthew Carrol, one supporter at Trump’s Louisville rally, told CNN he considers the campaign’s ties to Russia to be a “minor issue that is just perpetuated by the media.”

Miranda Seymour agreed, telling CNN she has no problem with Trump once suggesting Russia should find and release former rival Hillary Clinton’s emails from her private server.

“I think that all of our superpowers in the world interfere with everybody’s elections, and if by bringing out emails for someone as evil as Hillary not being president, by all means bring it out,” Seymour argued.

She added it was “absolutely” okay that Trump asked for Russia to hack Clinton’s emails.

“Absolutely, because it’s the truth,” Seymour argued. “I feel like our media is liberal in the United States, if our people aren’t going to do it, let’s let Russia do it for us.”

Watch the video below, via CNN: