WATCH: Trump supporter's rant about 'black supremacists' in basketball leaves reporter baffled
A Trump supporter rants about 'black supremacists' during a March 4 Trump rally (Screen cap).

A local reporter in Berkeley got more than she bargained for recently when she went to interview a demonstrator at a pro-Trump rally.

A video posted on Wednesday by the Instagram account EntertainmentForBreakfast and highlighted by shows a reporter having a conversation with a man wearing a "Make America Great Again Hat."

At some point in the conversation, the two began talking about the beliefs of white supremacists, at which point the Trump supporter forcefully interjected to say that there are also "black supremacists" that exist in the realm of professional basketball.

"We have black supremacists in basketball because they play basketball better than we do," the man declared. "Right? Right?"

The reporter responded by giving him a baffled stare.

The video seems to have been filmed over the weekend at one of the "March 4 Trump" rallies that occurred this past weekend. It was posted on Twitter over the weekend by Gibson Chu, a UC Berkeley student who took several photos of clashes between Trump supporters and opponents at Berkeley this past weekend.

Watch the full video below.