WATCH: Tucker Carlson insists Univsion's Jorge Ramos is whiter than him because he 'has blue eyes'
Tucker Carlson and Jorge Ramos (screenshot)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson confronted Univision's Jorge Ramos over recent comments he made about immigration. Carlson quoted Ramos' words that the United States is just as much "our country" as it is "theirs," adding "let me repeat this, 'our country, not theirs.'"

He then asked Ramos who is "us" and who is "they." Ramos responded by explaining that it is "our country, it is yours, it is mine, and it is ours," and then argued that the problem is with much of Trump's support base thinking that the U.S. is "their" country, and that it is a "white country."

"They are absolutely wrong," Ramos said. Carlson again pushed back against Ramos' comments, asking him to clarify who he means by "white people."

"You are white, obviously. You have blue eyes," said Carlson. "You're whiter than I am, you have blue eyes. So, I don't know exactly what you mean by 'white' or Latino."

Ramos then argued that yes, this country is also "their country" but that people have to understand the U.S. is multicultural and multiracial. Carlson then started pressing the issue of what it means to be Latino, seemingly not understanding that there is not a single Latino identity.

"I'm not exactly sure what that word means. So Latinos seem to encompass German-Guatemalans, Italian-Argentines, and Afro-Cubans, and non-Spanish speaking Peruvians," Carlson said, adding "and blue-eyed rich Mexicans like you."

Watch the full clip below.