White House warns Kentucky TV station: Trump won't answer questions about Russia or wiretapping
Donald Trump would like to "sit back" and watch as Russia get bogged down in Syria (AFP Photo/Darren Mccollester)

It's official: President Donald Trump does not want to talk about his relationship with Russia.

CNN reports that WDRB, a local news station operating out of Louisville, Ken., was told by the White House this week that the president would not answer any questions about Russia during an interview that took place on Monday night.

WDRB reporter Lawrence Smith, who interviewed the president on Monday after his campaign-style rally in Louisville, said just before the interview aired that the White House "did make it clear the President would not answer questions about wiretapping or the investigation into Russia's role in the election, so we stuck to issues most directly important to Kentucky."

Steve Hyvonen, the news director for rival local station Fox 19, tells CNN that he and his team would have flat-out refused to interview Trump had the White House tried to dictate the terms of the discussion.

"As the interview was being confirmed the day before, we told White House representatives we would like to talk with the President about several topics affecting Cincinnati and the Tri-State, including his new healthcare plan," Hyvonen explains to CNN. "We did not submit -- and were not asked to submit -- the topics or the questions."