Army vet shreds Trump's foreign policy leadership: 'You wouldn't last a day' in military training
Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander (Screen shot)

President Donald Trump has been talking tough on both Syria and North Korea, but at least one military veteran isn't impressed.

Jason Kander, a former Army intelligence officer and the former Missouri Secretary of State, reacted angrily to Trump's decision to outsource more military decision-making powers from the White House to the Pentagon.

The reason this is bad, Kander wrote in a Thursday morning tweet storm, is that it allows Trump to evade responsibility for military actions that go wrong. Additionally, Kander believes that Trump's indifference to increased civilian casualties will damage long-term alliances with countries in the Middle East.

"If POTUS chooses to streamline the mission approval process, it is morally wrong to be so dismissive of civilian casualties," Kander said. "Civilian casualties will cost us working relationships with friends. That makes it nearly impossible to fight bad guys."

Kander then tore into Trump's general unwillingness to accept responsibility for bad things that happen on his watch, despite the fact that he's all too willing to take credit for any positive news.

"He is ducking responsibility," Kander wrote. "It is a disgusting level of selfishness. He's putting lives at risk, but he's not willing to risk looking bad. POTUS loves to act/talk tough. I taught combat leadership in Army Officer Candidate School. You, Sir, wouldn't last a day in OCS."

Read the whole tweet storm below.