'Bombs are not a strategy': Dan Rather crushes Trump's foreign policy to 'bomb the sh*t out of them'
Dan Rather (Photo: screen capture)

Veteran newsman Dan Rather doesn't think President Donald Trump's previous assertion that he's going to bomb his way to peace in the Middle East is a valid foreign policy strategy.

Trump notoriously said during the 2016 campaign that he would "bomb the sh*t out of them," meaning ISIS or terrorists.

In a Thursday discussion with Don Lemon and David Axelrod Rather agreed that the president must have the purview to use whatever weapons he needs. However, "dropping bombs are not a strategy," Rather continued. "It can be used as part of a strategy, but what's the goal now in Afghanistan? Keep in mind, by the way, the commander in Afghanistan has been asking for more ground troops, he's not yet been granted those ground troops."

He also noted that they're not very effective at winning the war.

Axelrod found it shocking that Trump spent so much time saying he is smarter than the generals, but now says that he trusts them to make the calls.

Rather also wants to know the facts behind President Donald Trump and Russia.

"With Republicans controlling Congress, it's unrealistic to think the investigations in Congress will go beyond a certain point," he said. "This story is not going away for Donald Trump and the significance of what we learned tonight, what little we learned, is that it continues. It's going to continue to haunt the Trump presidency until and unless the story gets out and the story is 'Well, Trump has no culpability anywhere.'"

Rather went on to say that it runs up against the wall of "if there's nothing there, why is the Trump administration seeking so hard to change the subject, to change the narrative. They keep trying to bury the story, which fuels the idea there must be something there because otherwise, they wouldn't be working so hard to keep it buried."

Axelrod wondered who in the White House knew where all the tentacles lead on the Russia investigation.

"The reason why this is so insidious and so dangerous, other than implications of collusion between members of his team and the Russians to subvert the election, which is obviously deeply disturbing, but even if none of that were true, now when the president speaks on the issue of Russia, you saw it this week, he took a huge turn in terms of how he discussed Russia. And rather than looking at the merits of what he was saying, people, naturally, were asking 'Well, is this a way to try and establish independence from Russia.'"

Axelrod went on to say that Trump's own staff and his son even played up that idea, claiming that it proves he's not close to Russia.

When it comes to Carter Page, Trumps former international policy adviser, Rather noted that when he hears someone say "I don't remember" it raises a red flag.

Axelrod encouraged Page to stay off of television if he can't look innocent.

Lemon even noted that Page won't even clarify who hired him onto the Trump campaign.

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