‘Can’t have it both ways’: Pastor shames Christian Trump fans who cheer Syria bombing but turn away refugees
John Pavlovitz via YouTube

A North Carolina pastor launched a broadside at President Donald Trump's Christian followers saying their sudden concern for Syrian children after a deadly gas attack --resulting in Trump firing missiles intoSyria -- as hypocritical in light of supporting his ban on immigrants.

In an interview with the Charlotte Observer, pastor John Pavlovitz noted that while Trump calls himself a Christian, there is little in his background, words or deeds that would bear that out.

“I don’t know Donald Trump. He may actually believe he is a Christian. He may be so surrounded by sycophants and religious yes-men that no one is giving him the hard words about the kind of gentle, loving, sacrificial life Jesus called his people to live," Pavlovitz explained.

The pastor looked askance upon his peers who steered their flocks to vote for Trump, saying Trump, “was a changed man, a ‘baby Christian’ who’d now seen the light and was making his way down the narrow road of faith to lead us all to the Promised Land (where curiously America was first and everyone was white.)”

To make his point, Pavlovitz wrote on his blog that the Christians who voted for Trump and applauded his missile attack, ostensibly to protect Syrian children as his spokespeople have claimed, had no problem seeing him ban Syrian refugees.

"Honestly, you didn’t seem all that broken up when Muslim families were handcuffed in airports a couple of months ago, or when mosques were being defaced, or when many of us were pleading the case for families fleeing exactly the kind of monstrous atrocities you were apparently so moved by this week—and getting told to eat our bleeding hearts out by MAGA hat-wearing trolls," Palovitz wrote. "You weren’t all that concerned when your President told terrified, exhausted refugees to leave and go home — twice."

"You can’t have it both ways. You can’t kiss the ring of a bad guy and then get to be the hero by feeling sorry about what other worse guys do. You don’t get to tell people to 'go back where they came from,' and then beat your breasts like tortured martyrs when they get poisoned to death back where they came from."

"Be outraged at a President who plays patty-cake with malevolent dictators, who says whatever hateful nonsense comes into his head, who daily murders the truth to justify his misdeeds," he scolded. "Be outraged that Donald Trump is lamenting the 'poor dead babies,' he once said he would look in the face and tell to go home."