'This country cannot survive with a failure at the top’: Chris Matthews explodes at 'pure evil' Donald Trump
MSNBC screengrab of Hardball host Chris Matthews during today's Trump Watch.

MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews gave a passionate critique of President Donald Trump during his Trump Watch segment.

Matthews explained the racist underpinnings of Trump's political rise to power leading the birther movement.

"Birtherism is Donald Trump's original sin," Matthews announced. "This is pure evil in itself."

Matthews told his audience that Trump still must answer for spending five years pushing the "fake news" that Obama was an illegal immigrant.

"I want a sincere policy," Matthews demanded. "I want him to genuflect to the fact he lied and did so deliberately."

Matthews also expressed hope that Trump could turn around his failing administration.

"This country cannot afford to live through these critical, scary years with a failure at the top," he concluded.

Watch the video: