During a CNN State of the Union panel discussion on President Donald Trump's lament that his job turned out to be harder than he had expected, regular Ana Navarro smacked the president down for not taking his job seriously and spending "20 percent of it playing golf."

After host Jake Tapper pressed former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) to defend Trump's comments that he thought the job of being president would be easier than hosting Celebrity Apprentice and that he had "given up a lot," Navarro stepped in to explain what has transpired during Trump's first 100 days.

"We know he hasn't given up golf, he spent 20 percent of the first 100 days of golfing. He did twenty golf trips to my state of Florida  which is really costing taxpayers a lot of money," Navarro asserted. "He golfed 20 times on Trump properties. We know he hasn't given up tweeting. We know he hasn't given up promoting his brand or his family. He know he hasn't given up lying, exaggerating and telling mistruths. And we know he's riding around in a nice plane, he hasn't even given up his private jet. So what exactly has he given up?"

When the topic turned to Trump's inflammatory rally speech in Pennsylvania Saturday night, Navarro once again took the president to task.

"Listen, in one hundred days he's had about two minutes of unity," Navarro explained. "And I will tell you when he introduced the widow of the deceased Navy SEAL at the joint address to Congress, he's got to do more of that."

"I thought yesterday was so symbolic of the last 100 days and it tells me about the next 100 days," she continued. "You had Trump, President Trump in Pennsylvania speaking to his base, feeding red meat to the base and being divisive. You had the press celebrating the press standing up for journalism [at the WHCD] and you had the resistance marching in sweltering heat in Washington for climate change and against Trump."

"Folks, that's what the last 100 days has been and that's what the next 1,360 days are going to be," she concluded.

Watch the video below via CNN: