CNN's Stelter:  Some O'Reilly's fans 'are going to be furious' but firing shows he's 'not invincible'

CNN's media critic Brian Stelter marveled on Wednesday that Fox News fired its top-rated host Bill O'Reilly over allegations of sexual harassment and verbal abuse by multiple women.

"Bill O'Reilly was sued in 2004, charges of sexual harassment, by a former producer. He paid money, they settled out of court, it went away, and he stayed on the air," Stelter said Wednesday, according to Media Matters. "But a lot has changed in 13 years. Corporate America has changed. Our society has changed, and Fox News, now hearing other allegations of harassment from other women, is no longer able to stand by O'Reilly."

He continued, "Some of O'Reilly's fans are going to be furious about this, but he has many, many detractors that were wondering if this could ever happen. Three weeks ago, if you and I sat here and said 'Bill O'Reilly might be leaving Fox,' we would have laughed at that idea. He was seen as invincible, but even Bill O'Reilly is not invincible."

Watch the video, embedded below: