Did Sean Hannity get punked by a fake Russian spy?
Sean Hannity (CBS News/screen grab)

It looks like Fox News's Sean Hannity may have gotten himself punked by a fake Russian spy who goes by the name of "Soviet Sergey" on Twitter.

The trouble for Hannity began when he sent out a message to his followers asking for information on whether he was being spied upon by the same forces within the "deep state" that have supposedly been plaguing President Donald Trump ever since his inauguration.

This prompted Soviet Segey to reach out to Hannity with the offer of secret information about the deep state's surveillance activities.

Sergey then posted an alleged screen capture of what he claimed were direct messages between himself and Hannity in which Hannity asked him to deliver the goods.

"Hello, I saw your tweet," Hannity wrote. "What do you know about surveillance against me?"

"Are you crazy?" Sergey responded. "Do you think the deep state is reading your thoughts?"

"Screw you, not funny," Hannity responded, before Sergey replied by posting a crying-from-laughter emoji.

There is no way to verify whether the direct-message exchange between the two took place, and Soviet Sergey is a parody account that regularly trolls members of both the left and right who are supportive of both Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Hannity denied that the purported screen capture was legitimate.

(Note: Updated with denial from Sean Hannity.)