'Disgusted' Christian woman explains why she left her church over its support for Trump
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President Donald Trump scored prominent endorsements from several major Christian activists in the 2016 election -- but many of the fellow Christians weren't on board with their choice.

One Christian woman named Abigail Hewins has written a testimonial on her own personal blog about her decision to leave her church over its support for Trump's candidacy.

Hewins explains that while her Christian faith is as strong as it's ever been, she cannot continue supporting an institution that could lend support to a candidate like Trump.

"I watched in horror and disbelief as Christians I love and respect supported a man full of greed, hate, arrogance and prejudice in the name of Jesus Christ," she writes. "I became disgusted to the point of physical illness when Christians passed off jokes about sexually assaulting women as 'loose lips' and 'locker room talk.' And then there were those who said nothing -- an offense more destructive than any other."

Hewins concludes her story by saying that her goal is to find a new church that views Christian faith as a way of life -- not a weapon to be used in political warfare.

"I’m turning a new page in my book," she says. "I’m setting out to find a community that seeks to be like Jesus. I’m done living out my faith like I’m a member of an army that’s fighting for converts and voting Republican every election because 'Democrat' is a bad word."

Read her whole story at this link.