GOP strategist Rick Wilson blasts Reince Priebus: He's not 'adult' enough to manage 'man-baby' Trump
Rick Wilson on MSNBC -- (screengrab)

Appearing on MSNBC, GOP strategist Rick Wilson dismissed the idea that President Donald Trump is in the process of creating a "Trump Doctrine" calling the president a "man-baby' who can't "focus on anything for more than 30 seconds."

Speaking with All In host Chris Hayes, the caustic Republican consultant said that rumors of a Trump "rebranding" is absurd, and that the president has no agenda and is only looking out for himself.

"Chris, this is a president with a stalking gigantic case of ADHD," Wilson began. "He cannot focus for 30 seconds on anything. Every bright and shiny object distracts him and he doesn't believe anything in his heart. There's no ideological North Star for this guy, there's nothing he truly cares about except for his own ego. Everything is drawn to the event horizon of his ego."

"He's not a guy who has thought about issues and thought about policies beyond what he thinks gets a good applause line at rallies," he continued. "The fact that this is a guy with a famous slogan on a red hat is not a legislative or political or governance agenda at all."

Former RNC head Michael Steele concurred, saying, "I think Rick hits it out of the park regarding where the anchors are. That's why Bannon and all of the conversation about Bannon being relegated to some nether reaches of the administration is just not holding water. He has, in many respects, come to represent that ideological mooring that Trump has not expressed an interest in. He's open to all ideas and he is open to none."

"This is where everybody else is starting to play a role, which is why you see the tensions rising in the West Wing, the way they are, because it's now nut-cutting time," he added.

Turning to who exactly is in control of the White House, Wilson offered up a brutal assessment of Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

"Every president benefits from having a strong, effective chief of staff. Reince Preibus is a nice man and good administrator in some ways, but he is not adult supervision for this man-baby president," Wilson said as Hayes and Steele both began to laugh.

"He's not able to say to Trump, 'Stop tweeting, shut up, read your speeches, go to these events, do these things, make these calls. Stop having 47 people rush in and out of your office and change your mind on things every 30 seconds," he ranted. "You know, there's a lot of talk about whether Reince Priebus will leave or stay. The question is would you even notice at this point? This is a president who manages himself, he is not managed by a chief of staff. Every president needs one -- it's an iron law of Washington."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: