'He calls her mommy': Watch John Waters mock 'adult baby' Mike Pence's relationship with his wife
Director John Waters --Salon screenshot

In an interview with Salon's Amanda Marcotte, popular filmmaker John Waters had a few things to say about President Donald Trump but saved some his more caustic comments for Vice President Mike Pence, referring to him as an "adult baby."

Waters started off by taking a shot at people who "bitch and whine" about Trump while threatening to leave the country.

"Well, who cares?" Waters exclaimed. "Oh, do you think Trump is going to say, 'Well then, I'm not going to be president if you're leaving the country.' You're that important? Stay and fight!"

Waters then turned his focus on Pence.

"The scary part is if Trump -- if anything does happen -- Pence is way way way worse," Waters explained. "And his wife is even way way way worse than Pence."

"Why do you say that?" host Marcotte asked.

"He calls her 'mommy,'" Waters quickly replied. "That must mean he's an adult baby."

"Do you think he's got a diaper on?" Marcotte asked after laughing.

"I don't know this,  but all hookers will tell you that powerful men, the first thing they want to do in bed is give it up," Waters slyly retorted.

Watch the video below via Salon: