'He's in over his combover': Bill Maher panel rips 'baby' Trump for whining about his job
Bill Maher (Photo: Screen capture/Twitter)

President Donald Trump might be in over his comb over if Bill Maher's panel is any indication.

At the top of Maher's Friday night "Real Time," he noted Trump had no idea that "presidenting could be so hard. It looked so easy in the movies," he said rubbing his eyes.

"Here's what he said he doesn't like: He's isolated, he misses driving and when you say stuff, people check if it's true," Maher joked, calling Trump a "whiny little b*tch."

He described phase one as Trump saying "it's so easy to fix." Phase two is "Who knew? Nobody knew it was hard." But phase three is basically going back to all of former President Barack Obama's policies he trashed. "He's like the Manchurian Candidate, but you don't even have to hypnotize him!"

But the worst part is that Trump knows nothing.

"He doesn't even know the basics, and I mean the basics," Maher said. "Like how a bill becomes a law. How many branches of government we have. He didn't know what Brexit was. He didn't know who the Kurds were, the nuclear triad. The president is a baby with a mobile above his head. He's just learning and learning."

During the opener of the panel discussion, Republican Tara Setmayer noted that Trump is clearly "in over his comb over."

Watch the opener below:

Part 1:

Part 2: