'He's nothing like Alexander Hamilton!': Chris Cuomo mocks Trump surrogate's defense of Jared Kushner
Chris Cuomo (CNN)

Trump supporter Anthony Scaramucci on Monday tried defending President Donald Trump's son-in-law by comparing him to Alexander Hamilton -- but CNN's Chris Cuomo wasn't having any of it.

Jared Kushner, a 36-year-old real estate mogul who has no prior experience in government, has been tasked by Trump with handling several complex duties, including making peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, ending the opioid addiction crisis, and reorganizing the entire executive branch of the United States government.

Scaramucci, however, said that Kushner is well equipped to handle these responsibilities.

"I think he's like an Alexander Hamilton," Scaramucci said of Kushner. "He's a young man who has a tremendous amount of maturity about him."

At this point, Cuomo couldn't resist interjecting.

"Just like his country, he's young scrappy and hungry?" he jokingly asked while quoting a line from the musical Hamilton. "What do you mean he's like Alexander Hamilton? He's nothing like Alexander Hamilton!"

"To you he isn't, but to me he is, and I'll explain why," Scaramucci retorted. "He's got the trust of the president, he's very, very thoughtful, he knows how to bring people in... that was Hamilton's gift at a very young age."

Watch the whole segment below.