'I'm happy we're alive': Ana Navarro relieved Trump hasn't gotten us all killed in first 100 days
Ana Navarro talks about Donald Trump and the climate of fear he's created on CNN (Screen cap).

CNN's Ana Navarro gave President Donald Trump a "C" grade for his first 100 days, although she admitted that this grade might have been inflated by her extremely low expectations.

"First of all, I'm happy that we're still all alive and able to even discuss it," she said when explaining her assessment of the president. "I think some of us had such low expectations that we're just happy we're all still around."

She then praised Trump for getting Neil Gorsuch nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court, but she docked some points from his record for losing track of an aircraft carrier that was supposedly headed toward the Sea of Japan, but then wound up in Indonesia.

Navarro also acknowledged that Trump had some "good moments" such as the "30 seconds... where he recognized the widow of the Navy SEAL" at his speech before Congress earlier this year.

Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany was predictably much more supportive of the president during the panel, and called his first 100 days a massive success. She did caution, however, that Trump and Republicans in Congress shouldn't rush through a health care bill next week just to meet an arbitrary 100-day deadline.

Watch the whole segment below.