'Is he doing it just to f*ck with people?: 'Liberal Redneck' points out irony of Trump's first paycheck donation
Trae Crowder aka The Liberal Redneck (Photo: Screen capture)

Trae Crowder, also known as the Liberal Redneck, called out President Donald Trump Thursday after Trump announced that he'd be donating his first quarter salary to the National Parks Service.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump promised that he wasn't running for president for the salary, but for the service to the nation. He pledged he would donate his full salary to charity.

"How's that sh*t sandwich taste, losers?" Crowder asked sarcastically. "Now, of course, you know, his budget also de-funds the Department of Interior which houses the Parks Service by $1.5 billion. But is that really relevant here?"

Crowder's answer was simple: "Yes, of course, it is."

He went on to say that when Trump does things like this he wonders if the new president is doing it just to f*ck with people.

The only other reason Crowder could come up with is that two of Trump's "lizard henchmen" were sitting in a room trying to figure out how to donate the money.

"Here's what I'm thinking," Crowder said, pretending to be one of the henchmen. "We find a charity that makes nuclear weapons -- sort of like a March of Dimes, but for Armageddon."

When that didn't work, they donated it to national battlefields "and went back to bathing in the blood of the young."

"I mean, cutting an agency's budget by $1.5 billion and then writing a check for $78,000 to that same agency -- that'd be like if your wife said she was going to take a spiritual vow of celibacy and then two days later she sent you a Snapchat of her exposed ankle saying, 'Here, maybe you can do something with this,'" Crowder said.

Watch his full take on Trump below: