‘It boggles the imagination’: Morning Joe ridicules Spicer’s excuse for not producing Flynn records
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough mocked White House claims about the difficulty in producing phone records related to disgraced national security adviser Mike Flynn.

The White House has rejected requests by the House Oversight Committee to turn over documents related to Flynn, and press secretary Sean Spicer claimed Tuesday phone call records were nearly impossible to obtain from prior to Inauguration Day.

"He's acting as if this was in 1948, or something," Scarborough said, before adopting a comically overwrought tone. "Like, 'It's unwieldy, there's no way we could do this -- it's impossible. Why don't you just ask us to dig to the center of the earth and then live there?'"

The "Morning Joe" host said those records could easily be obtained.

"Why don't you just call Verizon?" he said. "'Hey, could I have my November and December cell phone bill, please?' That's it."

He then returned to his frantic riff as his co-panelists laughed.

"'It's so massive and unwieldy -- it boggles the imagination,'" Scarborough joked. "'To try to begin to even grasp the totality of this project -- could I have my November and December bill?' 'Sure, where would you like it sent?' '1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, care of Sean.'"