It will be 'paid for one way or the other': Sessions ducks question on how to force Mexico to pay for the wall
Attorney Jeff Sessions on ABC -- screenshot

In an interview on ABC's This Week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions danced around the question of how the Trump administration is going to pay for the wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Speaking with host George Stephanopoulos, "Do you have any evidence that Mexico is going to pay for it?" Sessions sidestepped the question.

"We're going to get it paid for one way or the other," Sessions replied. "I know there are $4 billion a year in excess payments according the Department of Treasury's own inspector general that are going to payments to people, tax credits they shouldn't get. These are mostly Mexicans and those kind of things add up."

"There are a lot of ways we can find money to help pay for this, but in the long run--" Sessions continued before being interrupted by the ABC host.

"How are you going to capture that money?" Stephanopoulos pressed.

"What's that?" Sessions replied. "The Department of Treasury, several years ago under the Obama administration, said that if you change the regulations and enforced it properly it would save $4 billion a year. There are other things we could do at the border that would create revenue."

Watch the video below via ABC: