'It's been a disaster': Voter tells CNN he regrets his choice for 'unpresidential' Trump
Trump voter Scott McCommons talks with CNN (Screen cap).

Although polls have consistently shown that President Donald Trump's supporters are fanatically loyal, one Trump voter told CNN on Monday that he would not support the president again if he knew last year what he knows now.

During a CNN panel of Trump voters, a man named Scott McCommons said that he thought Trump's first 100 days were a "disaster," and he said he regretted his vote for the president in November.

"He's got enough time to get on Twitter, and rant and rave, and on top of that lie on Twitter," he said. "I voted for the man to make America great again, and I'm willing to give him a chance, but he's not doing what I thought."

McCommons, in particular, found himself put off by Trump's efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which he said showed someone who didn't know how to negotiate with Congress.

"I expected him to work a little harder [on health care]," he said. "Be a little more reasonable instead of threatening people. That's unpresidential. I voted to send him to Washington strictly because I thought he would make change, nobody would push him around. He's used his power against people, I think that's wrong -- it's been a disaster, I think, in the first 100 days."

Watch the whole segment below.

'It's been a disaster': Trump voter tells CNN... by sarahburris

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